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File:Norton PillarOfFire 100 0871.JPG|thumb|Zarephath Christian Church in Zarephath, New Jersey File:Alma White 01b.jpg|thumb|Bishop Alma Bridwell White (1862–1946), founder of the Pillar of Fire Church File:PIllar 01.jpg|thumb|right|Pillar of Fire missionaries, November 25, 1914 File:assemblyhallza.JPG|thumb|Assembly Hall service c. 1965 in Zarephath, New Jersey File:pofmissionaryhomes1966.jpg|thumb|right|Missionary homes of the Pillar of Fire Church in 1966 The '''Pillar of Fire International''' is a Christian organization founded in Denver, Colorado in 1901 by Alma Bridwell White with headquarters in Zarephath, New Jersey.[ Contact Us]. Pillar of Fire International. Retrieved on October 20, 2009. The Pillar of Fire was originally...
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